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 Here I document my thoughts and experiences with Green Beauty.(Makeup, Skincare, Hair/Nail care)

I also touch on Fair Trade & Slow Fashion as well as Ethical Consumerism in general.

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At Home Manicure ( non-toxic & cruelty-free)

At Home Manicure ( non-toxic & cruelty-free)

✨Cruelty-free and vegan manicure routine ✨

Because I leave my nails unpainted and natural a lot of times, I like to keep them looking nice, clean and moisturized 👌

I usually spend 15 minutes on them once a week to file them ( I use a glass nail file as this prevents them from chipping and peeling) and take care of the cuticles ( I either use Ella+Mila cuticle remover or clippers). However, there are daily steps that I find extremely helpful in maintaining my nails healthy and polished! ✨

Every night before bed I apply lotion on my hands and a balm on my nails and cuticles. This will not only help keep your hands nice and soft but also keep your manicure looking fresh for longer! 💕

Nowadays my go-to’s for this nighttime nail care routine are Zents Unzented probiotic lotion and Concreta balm. (These are unscented which I prefer since I have struggled with eczema on my hands in the past)

🌿Formulated with hyaluronic acid & shea butter both of these are quite universal. The lotion can be used as a hand cream, body lotion and an after sun solution. The balm can be used on your heels, elbows, and cuticles and because it is a clean formula you can also use it on your lips and eye area. 👁 

💞 Like with any beauty routines, I view this little nail regiment as a self-care moment. It's so important to take a minute or two to express love and care towards yourself at the end of a long day filled with different types of thoughts & emotions.✨


💭 What are your staples for good looking nails? Do you take care of them at home or go to a salon/spa? I prefer to mostly do them at home and fan fact - I never had any gel/shellac/not sure what else is available - done 🤷🏻‍♀️💅💚




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