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Josh Rosebrook | Clear Intentions & Radiant Results | Review

Josh Rosebrook | Clear Intentions & Radiant Results | Review

Have you ever heard of the expression "head over heels"?  Well, that's exactly how I feel about Josh Rosebrook products! (and Josh himself duh! He is such sweetie and an inspiration)

Josh Rosebrook products are both powerful and pure, with maximum effectiveness of botanical extracts and active ingredients and absolutely no nasties. Josh initially started creating products for his own use – with no intention of selling them, but the stunning results prompted him to share his line with the world. And you better believe I'm typing this post up while wearing his Advanced Hydration Mask - because IT'S DIVINE.

Before I get into the product review, I would like to touch a bit more on the ingredients used in JR line as well as on his philosophy behind the brand. All plant ingredients in Josh Rosebrook skin and hair care products are certified organic or wild-crafted. Josh believes that his commitment to creating formulas only with the absolute highest quality ingredients, free of any disruptive toxic and synthetic components is what allows their products to work on such advanced level. Josh himself describes this process as " powerful synergy and unparalleled transformation"  

Having now tried JR products myself I can attest to the fact that they are like nothing else I've tried before. I think that the level of dedication and clear intentions that go into the creation of his products is the reason why they are so spectacular and why they have quickly become a holy grail level product line for many. 


The Hydrating Accelerator

This mist is a perfect foundation for the rest of your skincare routine. It's basically liquid nutrition for your skin. I love spraying it right before I apply my favorite facial oils so that nutrients can penetrate deeper and faster. It also naturally fills cells with water to make them plump and firm, so you can (and should!) use it throughout the day when you feel like you need a little boost of hydration. Oh and the smell of this product...10/10. Get one for yourself HERE.


The Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30

I was always of the opinion that you cannot have a good moisturizer and an SPF in one but this product proved me wrong. This lightweight cream contains a powerful combination of active herbal extracts and plant oils that deliver anti-inflammatories benefits as well as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to the skin. The formula is meant to nourish, repair and protect the skin and I feel like it does exactly that. It feels beautiful on my skin, doesn't leave a white cast and this guy has 12% Non-Nano, Uncoated, Micronized Zinc Oxide. Honestly, a girl couldn't ask for more. Definetelly my favorite SPF to date. Get one (or two!) for yourself HERE.

Advanced Hydration Mask

This Mask is an innovative treatment designed to help replenish and retain skin cell hydration. Formulated with Aloe Vera, rich plant oils, and Indian Senna Seed, known as botanical hyaluronic acid, together they deliver incredible formula to help lock moisture, regenerate and protect skin. This mask is like no other formula wise (as soon as you see the beautiful blue color you know it's going to be good), it's solid and pretty thick paste in the jar but as soon as you apply it to your skin it melts into this luxurious coating that feels cooling and extremely soothing on the skin. I love using this both in the morning before makeup application or at night time. It delivers amazing hydration to the skin ( it basically feels like your skin just took a giant glass of water) and balances it out so incredibly well. You can remove both with damp or a dry towel which I specifically like in the mornings as water aggravates my rosacea so I prefer to avoid water in the mornings. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from dryness or irritation as it does sooth my skin very well. Get one (or three!) for yourself HERE.

Overall Thoughts

In short: Josh Rosebrook products are very good. They're like - I want to try everything in the line - GOOD. I would absolutely recommend trying his products out! I myself cannot wait to get my hands on more of his skincare products as well give his hair care line a try! (I might've already ordered some samples 🙈)

💭 Please let me know if you're planning on trying some of his products and if you already have - which ones are your favorite? 

Oh and I'm just going to leave this little quote by Josh Rosebrook oh his views on beauty because - love! 💗

“Beauty is multidimensional, but real beauty has nothing to do with skin or the body,” he says. “It’s something that’s created. It’s how much we love and care for ourselves, and how much we allow that to emanate. And I don’t think anything can just be surface beautiful because I think if it’s just surface beautiful, it doesn’t really have that much beauty.” 


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