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Detox Market: My Little Sample Kit

Detox Market: My Little Sample Kit

Today I'm going to be reviewing the samples I purchased through "My Little Sample Kit" program offered by Detox Market, as well as taking a look at the program itself and weighing its pros and cons.  

My Little Sample Kit by Detox Market is sampling bag that includes 4 samples of either makeup, skincare or hair care. It's priced at $7.99 and that doesn't include shipping. The good news - you can basically sample everything on the website! From a moisturizer to a hair oil, to an eyeshadow. Which is perfect for color matching, sensitivity testing, and scent reference. So do I think it's worth purchasing it? Short answer - yes! If you have sensitive skin, that reacts poorly to a lot of skin care ingredients OR if you like me struggle with finding a foundation that works and lasts on your skin - this sample bag is a perfect way to test things out. 

The concept of sampling products out was confirmed once again to be a good idea for someone like me with the latest purchase of this sample bag. I really wanted to try some new foundations and because my last full-size purchase (100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation)  was definitely problematic, I decided to sample them first! The foundations I decided to go with:


Fitglow Vita Active Foundation

This is such a hyped foundation right now that even though I knew that serum foundation never worked for me in the past, I decided to try it out! And it didn't work for me whatsoever. The coverage was not as high as I wanted plus it just started peeling off my skin in a number of hours. If you have dry skin however and do not require full coverage - I would give it a try as the ingredient list is outstanding. 

ILIA True Skin Foundation

I really enjoyed this foundation. Even though it's a serum foundation, it stayed put quite well. Again, the coverage was not up to my liking ( I have extensive rosacea on my cheeks and definitely need full coverage if I want it concealed) however, I really liked wearing this formula. It gave a beautiful satin finish and I thought it blurred out imperfections well for a medium coverage foundation. I am overall quite happy with this product and would consider trying it out again in winter.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Mineral Foundation

I've always been a big fan of mineral foundations as they usually perform marvelously on my skin. I heard great things about Alima Pure mineral makeup in general and was very excited to try their foundation out. If you ever wore mineral foundation, you know that you need quite a bit off of product for one application and unfortunately, the sample size it came in was limiting in that sense. I was able to get only one wear out of it and I feel like that is not enough to test out a product very well. I did really like how it performed though. Again the coverage was more on a medium side, but I found that it evened out your skin tone and reduced the appearance of imperfections and pores with a beautiful natural finish. Will consider ordering a full size!


Overall Thoughts

I am overall very happy with this Detox Market Sample Bag purchase in a sense that I got to try three foundations for a fraction of the price and now I know for sure which ones I can try in a full size and which ones definitely don't work with my skin type. Is the bag a bit expensive for what you get volume wise? Maybe. But it saves you from ending up with a full size product that is not to your liking. 

💭 Have you tried Detox Market Sample Bag? Do you generally like testing out products before investing in a full-size item or you usually dive right in? Let me know!

P.S. As you can see from the pictures, I also ordered samples of Josh Rosebrook Shampoo & Conditioner and I will be writing a separate review of those as I also recently purchased styling products from his line and figured it will be better to review a line as a whole.



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